Natural Disasters and Social Justice

While natural disasters are traumatic for all people involved, some populations are disproportionately impacted. Here are some resources explaining how social justice is intimately tied to natural disasters:

  • Responses to natural disasters vary widely depending on available infrastructure, leading to significant differences in impact of areas hit by the same disaster (Ferris 2010)
  • People living in poverty are most vulnerable, as they live in the least safe areas (Ferris 2010)
  • Disaster SNAP (D-SNAP), or food stamps available during natural disasters, often come weeks after the disasters themselves (Baxter 2017)
  • Already-struggling college students can be more likely to drop out after a natural disaster (Kamenetz 2017)
  • Women are more likely to die in natural disasters than men as they tend to have fewer resources in both preparing for and recovering from natural disasters (Ferris 2010)

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